New Toolkit for Gerontological Nursing: Flu + You

The NGNA Board of Directors encourages all NGNA members and like-minded professionals involved in gerontological nursing to join the National Council on Aging’s national campaign to educate older adults in their community about preventing the flu and their vaccine options. You can view the National Council on Aging’s website by clicking here. Once on the website, you can view the PSA and free materials, flu tips and resources and many more-All things that we encourage you to share widely.

For nurses, you will be able to find the Toolkit for Professionals “Flu + You Program–in-a-Box.” This toolkit includes PDF downloads for a presentation, brochure, handouts, posters and Spanish language materials. The website is a great resource for anyone involved in gerontological nursing, and we encourage everyone to view and share this information as widely as possible.

Bigger and Better: Geriatric Nursing

I am thrilled to announce good news for the journal:
  • Geriatric Nursing's 2012 impact factor increased.
  • Because of font and format improvements, article content has increased 50%.
  • Geriatric Nursing has three articles among Elsevier's 25 top-selling articles in journals related to Geriatric Medicine.
Geriatric Nursing is dedicated to getting new and innovative information focused on care of older adults out to nurses and nurse researchers working across all levels of care. The journal is read by those working in long term care settings, acute care hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, as well as the community and researchers interested in improving the care provided and lives of older adults internationally. In addition to study and project outcome papers, please consider submitting manuscripts focused on methods related to research when working with older adults as well as specific aspects of projects and research studies. This could include such topics as: the theoretical support and description of an effective intervention, the development and testing of a new measure, or an innovative recruitment approach. We invite and encourage student work and will provide some level of guidance through the publication process. Please take the time to write up your work and share it with others so that we at Geriatric Nursing can help to improve the care and quality of life of our ever growing number of older adults in the United States and Internationally.

Barbara Resnick, PhD, CRNP, FAAN, FAANP


National Gerontological Nursing Association’s new tagline exemplifies mission, values

On May 5, 2013, the National Gerontological Nursing Association (NGNA) Board of Directors officially unveiled the new NGNA tagline, “Where Compassion Meets Purpose,” to showcase the membership’s dedication to improving the care of older adults.

“Compassion is the foundation of gerontological nursing and our mission is clear – to improve care for older adults,”  said NGNA President Amy Cotton, MSN, GNP-BC, FNP-BC, FNGNA. “We finally have a tagline that truly captures our members’ passion and purpose.” 

NGNA advances its mission by providing educational products, networking opportunities and resources to its members, and by formally recognizing gerontological nursing excellence through the NGNA Awards program.

The tagline, “Where Compassion Meets Purpose,” also exemplifies NGNA’s position as the only nursing organization in the country serving nurses who care for older adults in all practice settings. NGNA’s primary focus is to increase both knowledge and compassion related to the clinical care of older adults.


New site helps seniors get ready for their next job

NCOA has launched JobSource, an online portal to help older adults define their skills, get training, and find a job. The site includes a Job Match System, 32 free training courses, and a Job Search tool. It's one product of a partnership between NCOA and the Bank of America Charitable Foundation.

Learn more | Visit JobSource

Creating an age-friendly America

Is your community ready to age along with its residents? If not, check out a new set of resources from Community AGEnda, an initiative of Grantmakers In Aging. There’s a searchable online database of 200+ age-friendly projects and a curated selection of resources to promote stronger, age-friendly communities.

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