President's Message: Volume 19, Number 6

Keeping the Passion Alive


Amy Cotton For those of you who joined me at the 27th Annual NGNA Convention in Baltimore, you know the inspiration, energy and passion that was present. Regardless of your role as a gerontological nurse, finding ways to re-energize, gain new knowledge and remember why you commit yourself to influence improved nursing care for older persons is critical. NGNA’s annual convention is an important opportunity to do this; but don’t forget, networking locally with your gerontological and interprofessional colleagues is powerful as well.

At Convention, I was reminded of two things. First, our appreciation for the leadership and legacy of those NGNA members who have blazed the trail for our organization, and remain active participants in meeting our mission. You know who you are. Without you freely sharing your wisdom, resources and time, NGNA would not be the organization that it is today.

Second, I was reminded that the “new guard” is arriving on a regular basis. From the enthusiastic involvement of students, to the number of members who are dipping their toes into committee involvement for the first time, and all others who are putting forth their names for leadership and Fellows opportunities - all of you are the vital sources for NGNA to continue to meet our mission, improving nursing care given to older adults.

I am so appreciative of the current state of scientific knowledge, the evidence-based practice tools and relevant health policy information I heard at our Baltimore meeting. Equally important was the ability to fill up my “passion tank” and be reminded in such a vivid way of the extraordinary influence my gerontological nursing colleagues have on the world.

Take a moment to think of ways to fill up your “passion tank.” The world needs us to lead the way for improving health care for older persons!

Warm regards,