President's Message: "Renew and Refresh!"

By Mary Rita Hurley, MPA, RN, FNGNA

Welcome to summer! A time of taking a well-deserved “break” (vacation), visiting friends and family, watching fireworks, and of fostering personal renewal. This is the time of year I catch up on my journal reading, attempt to write those two articles I put off all winter, contemplate applying for a DNP program or maybe a PhD program, and decide what Fall nursing conferences to attend.

Speaking of conferences, NGNA’s 2014 Annual Conference, themed NGNA on the Riverwalk: Spur Your Passion for Older Adults, is now available for registration. Our annual gathering will be in the great state of Texas, along the famed San Antonio Riverwalk. We are offering up to 16 CEU credit hours.

The Institute of Medicine (IOM), in 2008, focused attention on the geriatric health care workforce in Retooling for an Aging America: Building the Health Care Workforce. One of the key recommendations was to train more health care providers in the basics of geriatrics. Another recommendation was the need for “all health care organizations to ensure that nurses continue their education and engage in lifelong learning to gain competencies needed.” These recommendations echo what was stated in the 2010 IOM report, The Future of Nursing:Leading Change, Advancing Health.

Knowledge and skill, through education, involves nurses throughout the world engaging in the art and science of nursing. Examples include maintaining membership in professional organizations, such as the American Nurses Association and State Nursing Associations as part of our commitment to nursing. Also, involvement in and attending as many conferences as time and budget will allow is valuable for professional growth. Additionally, maintaining a current knowledge base of evidence-based practice protocols/guidelines for practice and teaching is essential. You can add to your current knowledge base by attending our conference where you will hear national and local thought leaders, gain valuable resources and learn of new industry innovations. Come and be inspired by the amazing work our colleagues are engaged in around the country. Meet your peers. Renew and refuel your passion for gerontological nursing. And, above all else, have fun!

All the best,
Mary Rita Hurley, RN, MPA, FNGNA