Agentis Management can perform the day-to-day association management functions that are crucial to your business.

An association’s programs and services are only as relevant as the people who provide them. When it comes to serving our clients and their members, we believe that assigning the right receptionist is just as important as finding the most qualified association director.

Agentis’ skilled administrative team works side-by-side with our association executives to ensure that each client’s organizational objectives are accomplished in a manner that reflects the personality and professionalism of their association. We perform the day-to-day association management functions that effectively support the association’s business, allowing board members to focus on the strategic issues that advance their association’s mission.

Agentis headquarters management services include:

  • Reception and administrative support
  • Inventory management and shipping
  • Filing and archiving services
  • Registered agent services

Agentis has established IT security and business continuity plans and procedures to preserve the safety and integrity of client data and records. Agentis maintains off-site office locations, which can be leveraged to access inventory and records in the event of a natural disaster or disruption of service at our main office location.

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