• Executive Management Solutions

    Executive Management Solutions

    Organization oversight, operational management, leadership support

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  • <span>Financial</span>  Management Strategies

    Financial Management Strategies

    Revenue collection, budget management, investment reporting

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  • <span>Conference</span> &amp; Meeting Planning

    Conference & Meeting Planning

    Content development, speaker solicitation, fundraising

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  • Headquarters


    Agentis Management can perform the day-to-day association management functions that are crucial to your business.

  • Fundraising


    Agentis can assist your association with its fundraising goals, including grant and sponsorship management.

  • Marketing


    Agentis combines best practices in the field of association marketing with new and innovative communication tools.


Are You Stuck In a Maze?

Finding the right Association Management Company can feel like being stuck in a maze...

Who we are

What’s in a Name? Agentis is a Latin derivative of the words “agent” and “agency.” It means, “one who acts,” or “to set in motion, drive, lead or conduct.” Finally, it also means, “an establishment where business is done for another.”

Agentis Blog

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